Privacy Policy

iprayedforyou.com collects only the minimal amount of information (data) from you when posting your prayer request.

iprayedforyou.com will not sell or market your name, email address or prayer request to any third party business.

iprayedforyou.com does not display your email address or zip code. It will only display your name, for which you can choose to display the word Anonymous, and prayer request.

iprayedforyou.com will only share your name, zip code, request and email address with participating organizations in the Strength In Prayer network but only after carefully screening each organization and each organization signing a statement restricting the use of your information for anything other than prayer. This will only be done in an effort to connect you to somebody in person who can minister to you to help you in your spiritual walk. A member of the Strength In Power Network who attempts to sell anything to you will be warned and possibly loose membership rights to the network.